Looking for a Truck or Van to Rent?

At Otis, we've been in the vehicle hire business for 20 years. Being part of the "Brandricks Group" of companies we have a huge amount of commercial vehicle industry knowledge and are very experienced, but that doesn't mean we are complacent. In fact, you'll find we are a dynamic, enthusiastic company, and one which operates rather differently from many others in the market-place.

How? Well, we place great importance on listening to our customers. In fact, that’s how our company approach took shape. Customers told us that what matters is that hire vehicles are reliable, presentable, well-serviced means of transport, at a very competitive price. So, that objective underpins everything we do.

We continue to listen to our customers' needs and comments, and refine our products and services accordingly. It's an approach which has paid dividends, in that many people who first came to us to rent a single vehicle for a short period of time, have returned and become long-term customers, hiring a wide range of vehicles for private and business use.

Our fleet is high quality, well maintained and serviced, and our team pride themselves on offering first class service every time.

As a local provider, we are able to provide a personal service to customers, getting to know their needs and understanding their business.

The Otis team are there to help you and support you - we have invested in the most up to date communication system. Please call 0121 561 2555.